Namie Amuro is huge and famous pop-singer in Japan and Asia. In early 2015, she was releasing her new album. Logan and Party have a chance to team up to create one of her new songs in the album called Golden Touch. I was glad I can be part of the team. Agency Party comes to us with this very cool touch interactive idea at the beginning. They wanted to collaborate with us to come up some fun and interesting vignettes for this touch idea. I worked closely with the creative director, Kenji Yamashita to come up with the each vignettes' idea and design. In this music video, we have combined the live-action and CG together to create the graphic. We created and painted most of the prop in our studio. The timeline for this project was very tight and we only have a month to finish everything. In the end, we were very glad that it came out very amazing!

Produced at LOGAN

Kenji Yamashita
Catherine Yi
Assistant Editor
Matt Anderso
Rick Kuan
Lead 2D Animators
Adam Stockett, Lu Liu, Mike Costabile
2D Animators
Rick Kuan, Nate Mullkien, Jingky Gilbert, David Lee
Cell Animator
Simon Ampel
Lead Compositor
Eric Concepcion, Lu Liu
Livio Huang
Jr. Composito
Felicia Guest

3D Artist
Livio Huang, Warren Heimall
VFX Supervisor
Eric Dehaven
Adrian Seery
Storyboard Artist
Roger Hom

Peter Rynsky, Kaori Watanabe
Brian Criss, Erica Dillman
Dylan Steinberg
Alexa Carrol



Lead Prop Stylists
Maggie Ruder, Cat Navarro
Prop Stylist
Courtney Dawley
Assistant Prop Stylists
Jason Jaring, Miles Debas, Phillip Kadowaki, Ellen Burke, Elizabeth Flogd, Brian Goodwin
Hair, Makeup
Jodi King, MyAnh Nguyen
Frame Models NY Agent
Jordan Morris
Frame Models NY Talent
Daniel Jones, Jake Dean Taylor, AJ Clarke
Jacqueline Reyes, Phillip Kadowaki

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