Northrop Grunman - Hangar

Northrop Grunmman is a company which crafted world's most advanced aircraft for over 75 years.
In 2015, Northrop Grunmman is launching a new unmanned aircraft and trying to give a teaser of their new product in the Super Bowl event.
I was the designer in charge of creating styleframe which match the CD’s concept/idea.
The idea is to create the mood of mysterious and suspend in this whole spot to get audience's excitement over their new mysterious unmanned aircraft. 

Produced at Logan

Previs Animator
Grant Cerulo, Jerry Chow

3D Generalist
Sybro Serbos

Storyboard Artist
Brian Wilcox

Flame Artist
John Budion

Shuyi Wu, Eric Concepcion, Paulo Dias, Rachel Rardin, Laura Hill

VFX Supervisor
Salar Saleh

Iggy Ayestaran, John Volny, John Ibrahim

Pitor Glabinski, Adam Rosenzweig



Creative Director
Alan Bibby

Art Director
Kenji Yamashita

Brad Turner , Moss Levenson

Assistant Editor
Matt Anderson

3d Lead
Warren Heimall

Jr Compositor
Livio Huang

Ricardo Villavicencio, Caleb Halter, Rick Kuan, Gordon Waltho